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the science

The Science
The Science of Psycho-Energetic Spirituality maps the energetic anatomy of the psyche, showing the interrelationship between the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Activities in one body have effects on all the others. Many therapy methods work primarily on one body. Though issues may clear on that body (for example, on the mental body), the problem often remains on other bodies (i.e. the emotional or energetic). This is one of the primary reasons why issues  recoccur or don ’t change. The 5-body approach works comprehensively for deep and effective change.
Chakra Psychology
Another aspect to the layering of the human energy field is the way in which each chakra has built up various layers that take us away from essence.
In the diagram to the right, we see a simple version of these layers, and how essence, residing at the core of the chakra, gets covered over by layers of patterns, protection, etc, until we come to identify and live in a personality that is far removed from who we really are.
The Science
The study of science of Psycho-Energetic Spirituality includes:
• The human energy field
• The relationship of the soul to the body/personality
• Developmental cycles
• Energy, evolutionary and social psychology
• Methods of transformation
• Meditation



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