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An Energy Approach To The Awakening Of Consciousness
A new understanding about the inner workings of the psyche is emerging in the world today. It offers an insight into who we are, how we work and who we can be. It embraces the full spectrum of human nature, from our earliest evolutionary instincts, through our mind and emotions, to the heights of consciousness of our soul.

This understanding draws from a wealth of sources that include science, religion, psychology, education and medicine. What links them all is energy - a world
of subtle forces within and around us. The understanding of energy has been described as the missing link that in one master stroke unites what before had been separate and disparate bodies of knowledge. The impact of understanding energy is so profound that it completely alters your perception of life and how you live it. And it puts in our hands keys to authentic being and fulfillment.

This understanding has four immediate areas of application.
Energy The New Psychology The New Spirituality Indigo Souls
The term energy as used here refers to the electromagnetic field that surrounds and penetrates the human body. Within it are vortexes or centers called chakras, and channels through which the energy flows.

The teachings on energy reveal another dimension of existence; one that affects us in ever aspect of our lives. It shows how we are continually shaped by energy and how, unknowingly, we are using energy all the time.

Understanding energy opens a whole new dimension of living that is as radical as a blind person now being able to see.

The new psychology maps the full spectrum of the psyche. It shows how a human being is a meeting of vast forces. On one side our soul, magnificent in its grandeur and capacity. On the other side instincts, millions of years of natural evolution.

The new psychology is energy-based. It shows our energetic anatomy - the way we’re structured based on energy. And it reveals the flow of our energy and how it can be blocked, distorted, re-channeled and opened.

It provides a highly accurate method of diagnostics that reveals the core of issues, and provides a powerful methodology for change.

The foundation of the new spirituality has been so beautifully expressed in the timeless words of Tielhard de Chardin.

“We are not human beings having spiritual experiences.
We are spiritual beings having
a human experience.”


The new spirituality recognizes us as souls; great beings of energy and consciousness temporarily incarnated in a physical body. It takes a scientific approach to the understanding and awakening of the soul. It seeks to integrate the whole human being, embracing our divinity and our body, our heart as well as our mind.

The changing of an Age brings new energies, paradigms, ideas and souls.

If we look at the last 100 years it is like no other period in history before. Not only do we have new lifestyles, sciences, a global community and so much more, but the psyche of the new human beings is significantly different.

We propose a radical hypothesis – that a new age is bringing a new human being, a new soul group, which is giving birth to a new civilization. We propose that the blueprint for the new humanity already exists in our higher consciousness and that we are gradually ‘bringing it down’ into our waking minds and into outer manifestation.


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