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Essence - The core understanding
The text below is the core insight of the new science. The entire body of work is built upon it.
Essence is a positive psychology and spirituality centered on the soul and its unfoldment through the body, personality and energy system.
The soul is understood not simply as a metaphor for an abstract spiritual entity or higher state, but as a higher consciousness aspect of our psyche containing specific qualities that can be directly accessed.
These aspects of the soul are called Essence Qualities. They express as strengths of being such as love, intelligence, creativity, etc. They unfold through the chakras (energy centers), each chakra expressing specific essence qualities.
Meditation, energy work and psychological processes are all used to move energy to the chakras to access Essence.
“Problems” – emotional, mental and even physical – are seen as unfolding aspects of Essence that are not yet matured. This positive perspective looks at the deeper teachings and energies behind the issue, specifically locates issues in the body/energy field, and provides clear direction on working with them.

The central understanding of this work is that Essence is already there; it just needs to be accessed. We already are who we want to be. And, that these qualities of Essence unfold through a process of learning and discovery. By  understanding and embracing the learning process we can unfold Essence more deliberately and effectively.



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