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The seven life themes

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school structure

school structure
The 14 Modules
The School has three levels
Level I - Introductory and general programs
Short, stand-alone programs, often held as evenings, weekends or online.
Level II - seven modules
The framework of the school
There are seven modules that form the framework for the School. Each module is five days long.
Each module focusses on one chakra, one life theme and one method of working with the psyche.
The seven framework modules are:
There are 3 or 4 modules offered each year, depending upon location.
There are no prerequisites to join the modules
You can join the modules at any time. You can take the modules in any order, at any time that you like. Each module stands alone. There is no committment to the entire school. You may take as many modules as you deem appropriate.
Level III - seven modules
The Masters Program - advanced training
These advanced seven modules are for people who want to further their personal training. They also are built on the chakras and take the work started in Level II to an entirely new level.
In the first seven modules we laid a foundation of energy and the healing and integration of the personality. These advanced modules are a next step into the higher dimensions of energy and the maturation of Being. They enable you to live your life guided by your soul.
The seven masters program modules are:


You must take the corresponding module in Level II. i.e. if you plan on participating in the Heart module in Level III, you must have first taken the Heart module in level II


Energy Balancing Certification

The Energy Balancing certification training is part of each module (for full certification, there are also activities between modules)
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