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Painstaking work, then the swan spreads it wings.

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Personal development

personal development
Inner work is exciting.
Some call it the ultimate frontier - the unending dimensions of consciousness and the soul
Inner work is tough.
It’s a confrontation with yourself; seeing things you might not like, taking responsibility, risking, jumping, stretching.
Inner work is immensely rewarding.
You discover treasures inside; that you are more beautiful and life more wonderous than you ever imagined.
In Up Down Out
The four directions of inner work
Inner work is based on four directions of energy flow
In - know yourself
Turning your awareness inwards. Exploration and discovery. Learning about yourself.
Up - clean up
Moving your energy and consciousness upwards, from lower vibrational places in your psyche into higher vibrations and higher centers. This phase of inner work is challenging, because it means confronting many old patterns, wounds, beliefs and limiting things within yourself. It includes deep emotional healing and the clearing of blocks.
Ultimately, the real work is the connection to the soul. For most of us when we hear these words they sound either metaphorical or suspiciously “religious”. We mean neither. We are referring to an eigth chakra about a foot above the head that holds an immense expansion of consciousness. We refer to it as the Higher Self.
Down - unfold your strengths
As one awakens to these higher states of consciousness the energy then flows down into the body, energy field and chakras. We learn to handle these new frequencies and states within the chakras. We refer to this phase as ‘building the body divine’, because the energy body undergoes a fundamental restructuring.
Out - create and manifest
Consciousness needs to be lived and expressed as creativity, dynamic action, love and inspired communication. In this out phase you focus on living your purpose and making your contribution to creating a better world.





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