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The Belly Chakra - Level III

The Belly Chakra - Level III

The Higher Dimension of Fulfillment

The Masters Program – Advanced Inner Work

The focus in the Masters Program is to help you further your connection to your Soul and your Soul purpose, and the higher frequencies of each chakra. Our emphasis is also practical - to bring down your higher consciousness as ‘energy in action’ in daily life situations and to enfold your potential. Through intensive individual work in a small group and direct feedback from the trainers a focused and highly personal level of inner work is supported.


As you well know, the belly chakra is a powerful influence in our lives. When off-balance and unhealthy from family past it creates unstable emotionality, insecurity, dependency, neediness and addiction. All of which play out in our relationship to our selves and in our relationships to others, particularly those who are closest to us.


But as the belly opens, it brings another dimension of fulfillment. Once we are connected to our inner child and the child is nurtured and cared for, it becomes a wonderful gift in our life. It brings the gift of warmth, playfulness, vulnerability, connection and belonging. You feel open and make contact. You give and receive in a natural way that fulfills both you and those around you. You start shining with an inner confidence and solidity.


And perhaps most important of all, there opens the magical child. This is the world of imagination, and the attunement to the subtle and mystical dimension of life. We start to live in magic. And magic starts to live in us.


In this module we will focus on these gifts of the child while continuing to heal and clean the family past so that the real you can have more space and freedom. And as part of the family work this module we will help your connection grow to another family, your soul family. We will support you to become more at home in the wonderful world of the soul.


In preparation for the module we would like you to observe your emotions throughout the day. What feelings are moving through you? What situations trigger you? In what ways are your emotions running you? Listen to the inner child and see if you can differentiate it’s many aspects; for example, the vulnerable child, the demanding child, the punishing child, the magic child, etc. 


Additional Material: 

The Male/Female circuit
Clearing male/female issues
Energy cords
Bonding patterns
Joy and pleasure
2nd-5th linkage
From sex to consciousness
Working with need


Start Date :28-Feb-2018
End Date :04-Mar-2018
Country :Germany
Price :


Participation in The Belly Chakra - Basic Program

Event Time : 9 am to 6 pm
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