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The Base Chakra - Masters Program (Level III)

The Base Chakra - Masters Program (Level III)

Incarnation, Manifestation, Total Living

Incarnation, Manifestation, Total Living


We say the base is the first and the last chakra. It’s the first in that it starts the evolutionary journey and contains the earliest survival instincts of the species. It is the last because it is the final chakra the soul fully masters - coming into the body and living full soul consciousness here on earth.


The biggest step in living fully on Earth is going beyond fear. Fear keeps us from being fully present. It makes us hold back; it puts the brakes on. In this module we will work to take a next big step in discovering life without fear, learning to say yes to life and our own energy. We discover a vital, total, courageous state of living.


Our second theme this module is on a more esoteric note. We will work with the concept of the ‘inverted tree’. This is an ancient metaphor that has been used in mystery schools to represent the soul having its roots in the higher world. We can fully flower in this world, yet not be rooted here.


In normal living the human energy field looks like a tree with strands of energy rooted everywhere – into people, things, places, and objects. As we mature, these strands return back into us. We ‘stand alone’, disconnected in the old ways from the world around. Now we’re not rooted in the outer world – we’re rooted into the higher. Yet now, for the first time, we can create clean and clear energy exchanges with the world around us. These types of relations don’t have the kinds of attachments, emotions and investments that we had previously. Because we are rooted in the higher we can fully flower here.


This brings us to the third theme of this module – manifestation. We know in our higher consciousness how much we can create in this world. But so few of us are really living the abundance, creative overflow and manifestation that we are possible of. This work with the base is to help you bring down your souls vision into reality, and manifest in this world what we know we are capable of. 

Additional Material:
  • From fear to life
  • Repatterning the body
  • Energy body building
  • Body armor
  • Abundance
  • Light and Shadow
  • Alignment and integration
  • Kundalini

Start Date :27-Oct-2017
End Date :31-Oct-2017
Country :Germany
Price :


Participation in The Base Chakra - Basic Program

Event Time : 9 am to 7 pm
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