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The Crown Chakra - Level II

The Crown Chakra - Level II

Deepen your Soul Connection

Soul Purpose, Wisdom and Higher Guidance  - The Crown Chakra


Working with the soul is a center point of Essence Training. With the awakening of the seventh chakra, the crown, we recognize: our existence is not by coincindence. We are here to unfold certain capacities and to bring our unique contribution to the development of this planet. 


This module with Kabir Jaffe and Ritama Davidson is to further your Soul contact. We systematically ‘build the bridge’ to your Higher Self and to the immense consciousness that is your nature. Though we may temporarily forget our real nature and identify with our body, personality and life drama, there comes a moment of remembering; we wake up and reconnect to our spiritual source. We come to understand our Soul’s purpose, our core ‘life learnings’, and what we are meant to do here on Earth. With the so-called “Soul Mosaics” we will explore deep archetypal images that transcend our current experience and we can clear unfinished karmic teachings.


In this module we also deepen the practice of meditation. Thus the connection to the higher can become an integral part of our lives and bring peace, centeredness, clarity and insight. Our live becomes filled with meaning as we live the higher purpose and make our contribution towards creating a better world. 


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.   Teilhard de Chardin


Issues: Karma; Past Lives & Reincarnation; Meaninglessness; Stepping out of your ‘Life Drama’

Discover: Your Soul & Higher Self; Soul Teachings; Meditation; Your Life Purpose

The methods: Energy- and Bodywork, Meditation and Energy Balancing, Energy Diagnostics, Roleplay, Lecture & Dialogue.

Frankfurter Ring offers reduced early registration fees. 


Upcoming Module in the Basic Program:

Ride the Tiger - Courage, Aliveness and Abundance - The Base Chakra


Start Date :14-Jun-2017
End Date :18-Jun-2017
Country :Germany
Price :


No prerequisites. Reduced early registration fees available.

Event Time : 9 am to 5 pm
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