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The New Spirituality

The New Spirituality draws from the wisdom of the spiritual traditions of the past while recognizing that down the centuries these traditions have accumulated much baggage.

It sees that a new human being - intelligent, free and empowered - exists within a new type of society, and that many of the old forms no longer are appropriate.

It understands that the eternal truths of religion are expressed new in each culture to meet the nature of that time and place, and that today we again are doing so. And that each new expression adds a next step in the ever-unfolding revelation of Truth.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the intensely personal process of exploration and transformation in which we discover a new sense of our self and our relationship with ‘something greater’

Why is Spirituality important to us?

Spirituality brings a sense of higher meaning and purpose, an awareness of participating in something greater, and the unfoldment of latent capacities that expand our capacity to love, enjoy and create.

What is an Energy Approach to Spirituality?

The perception of energy opens a whole new dimension of Being. Its importance is so significant that it can be likened to a blind person suddenly being able to see.

What is perceived is a field of living energy that surrounds and interpenetrates every living thing. Every thought and feeling is composed of this energy at varying rates of vibration. Many problems, both psychological and physical, are due to disturbances in the flow of energy. And those beautiful moments in life such as love, joy, expanded consciousness or spirituality are openings within certain areas of the human energy field.

This understanding provides a map of the anatomy of the psyche that defines in a highly accurate way the path each of us can walk towards greater wholeness. And it puts in our hands powerful tools for raising our consciousness and provides the guidance on how to use them.

Who is this approach for?

This approach is for the intelligent, questioning and adventerous individual who wants to understand, not believe, find their own way rather than follow, and who wants to live empowered, taking their journey in their own hands rather than relying on someone else to carry them.

Spirituality outside the box




The Human Energy Field

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