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The New Psychology

The New Psychology
The New Psychology is a synthesis of psychology, energy and spirituality. It recognizes that a human being is multi-dimensional – body, feelings, mind, energy and spirit, and that one must deal with all these levels for profound and effective change.

A positive psychology
The new psychology is positive. It recognizes that psychological processes are the reflection of soul learnings. We don’t have "problems", we have challenges due to aspects of the self that are not yet understood or matured. This approach recognizes our wealth of psychological and spiritual resources and focuses on that which is seeking to unfold and open.

Multi-cultural toolbox
The new psychology draws from the wealth of methods that have been developed in many cultures and ages. Rather than being ‘method–centric’, it has a comprehensive toolbox that can be accessed, using the right method for the right issue.

The framework
Unique to the new psychology is the psycho–energetic/
psycho–spiritual framework. The framework maps the location of the full spectrum of emotions, thoughts and sensations onto the human energy system, showing precisely where each sits. This framework shows the relationship between one part to another, the energy linkage between, and the various stages and developmental processes at play. Once understood, the framework is a master key in understanding human experience and gives an immediate orientation as to the vectors of forces that are at play.

In-depth diagnostics
The new psychology has an in­depth diagnostic system based upon the framework. Using a combination of energy perception, verbal cues and body movements, the location of issues and their consequent psychology and processes can be quickly and accurately diagnosed. This diagnosis encompasses not only the immediate process but also locates the origin of issues, developmental processes connected to them, and the directions they need to move to create wholeness.

These two terms have only recently emerged in field of psychology and reflect two new concepts that are manifesting as two new branches of psychology. Psycho­-energetic refers to the relationship of energy and personality, and how the human energy field and chakras affects personality and vice versa. This study is the basis for Energy Psychology.

Psycho-­spiritual is perhaps the newest branch on the tree of psychology. It addresses Man’s spiritual nature and postulates an underlying spiritual side or soul to every human being. The soul, incarnated into the body, then externalizes through the personality and energy system. An intricate relationship occurs between the soul and the personality, where personality experiences affect the soul, and the soul affects the personality.

It is our experience that both these two studies, psycho-­energetic and psycho­-spiritual are really one and the same. As yet there is no satisfactory term that encompasses both. Our use of the phrase psycho­-energetic spirituality is but an early attempt in naming what we imagine will one day become an established and recognized branch of psychology.

The Whole Man
The new psychology encompasses what could be called the Whole Man. What appear to be separate branches of psychology are synthesized into one holistic understanding.
* Evolutionary Psychology helps us understand our long evolutionary past and the part it plays in shaping us.
* Energy Psychology portrays the human energy field and chakras.
* The as­ yet unnamed Spiritual Psychology brings a height to human beings and places our spirituality central to the entire psychological picture.
* Social Psychology shows how society and social forces continue to shape us.

Together, these multiple branches portray the great tree of the human psyche, spanning our earliest evolutionary origins to the greatness of our Spirit.

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