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The Throat Chakra - Level III

The Throat Chakra - Level III

The Deeper Aspects of Communication

The Masters Program – Advanced Inner Work
The focus in the Masters Program is to help you further your connection to your Soul and your Soul purpose, and the higher frequencies of each chakra. Our emphasis is also practical - to bring down your higher consciousness as ‘energy in action’ in daily life situations and to enfold your potential. Through intensive individual work in a small group and direct feedback from the trainers a focused and highly personal level of inner work is supported.
The Deeper Aspects of Communication
Authentic self-expression: the Soul speaks
To learn the art of clear communication and self-expression is an important step on the path of your spiritual growth. You become authentic, honest and say what you want to say. As you learn to listen deeply it helps your expression become like a clear bell that touches your inner being and others deeply.
On a higher note, our first goal in this module is the refinement of listening in, so that you can hear your inner voices more clearly, and most important, you can hear the voice of your soul. You learn to let it speak, and to recognize the vibrational transformation that it brings in yourself and your environment.
On a lower note, our focus will be to learn what it means to communicate effectively. Most of us are poor communicators. We are often unclear on what we want to say or how we say it. We are indirect instead of to the point. We mask instead of reveal, and we speak from our superficial personality rather than our Essence and authenticity. And rarely do we really listen effectively to the other.
There is such a joy when we communicate effectively, both for our self and for the person we are communicating with. Clarity happens, information is exchanged, and there is a meeting from being to being.
When you speak you don’t only express words but also vibrations These have an effect on your environment, and hold three important powers - creatorship, healing and manifestation. As these powers develop they support you to heal yourself and others, to create the life you want to live, and to manifest your highest potential.

Start Date :13-Feb-2019
End Date :17-Feb-2019
Country :Germany
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Participation in Throat Module -Basic Program

Event Time : Day 1: 3pm - 8pm Day 2-5: All Day
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