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The Throat Chakra - Level II

The Throat Chakra - Level II

Communication, Truth and Creativity

To express your Essence, your Beingness, is a deeply satisfying experience. It fills our heart with joy when we can communicate that, which is really significant; when we are able to listen and really understand; when we share ourselves and create intimacy instead of walls, distance and disharmony.


In this module with Kabir Jaffe and Ritama Davidson we explore ‘full spectrum communication’ - what we are really doing when we communicate, not only with our words but also our energies and how what we say is received. We seek to ‘liberate your spirit through your voice’ so that you can express your Essence and your authenticity and communicate what is of most significance.


We heal blocks to expression so you can really share yourself and create intimacy. In addition, we look at Conscious Creatorship - how what we express creates the world around us. When we speak ,we create thoughts, feeling, actions and behaviors in the other.  The more clear and potent our energy streams out via the throat and our voice, the more we create a synergy with others and manifest our intentions


You  learn to visualize your goals clearly and to send them out via words and radiatory energy, so that they have a maximum impact on the world. You will look into what it means to communicate from your essence instead of from your personality and patterns. Our emphasis is on “being in truth” – discovering our truth and expressing it in healthy ways that the other can hear you well.



Blocks to the throat - Inhibitions to communication - Shyness and self-judgment - Inability to listen


Discover: Conscious communication - Authenticity, spontaneity, directness  - Speaking the language of the other - Liberating creative resource

The methods: Energy- and Bodywork, Meditation and Energy Balancing, Energy Diagnostics, Voice Dialogue, Roleplay, Lecture & Dialogue.

Start Date :13-Feb-2019
End Date :17-Feb-2019
Country :Germany
Price :


No Prerequisites

Event Time : Day 1: 3pm - 8pm Day 2-5: All Day
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