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The Third Eye - Level III

The Third Eye - Level III

The Light in the head - The Higher dimensions of Consciousness


Advanced work with the Third Eye chakra - A Masters Program LIII Module


About the Masters Program

The focus in the Masters Program is on the higher frequencies of each chakra. The work is soul centered; it helps you further your connection to your soul and soul purpose. Our emphasis is also practical - to bring down your higher consciousness as ‘energy in action’ in daily life situations. Through intensive individual and small group work and direct feedback from the trainers a focused and highly personal level of inner work is supported.


The Illumined Mind

The opening of the third eye is a radical shift in perspective and understanding. You begin to perceive from a higher dimension of consciousness – the higher mind. Your intuition becomes clearer, your perspective encompassing, and you become infused with a new vision and insight. Clarity, understanding, detachment and ‘whole picture thinking’ become your keynotes.


It is the opening of this center and as its alignment with the Crown and the Higher Self that creates the ‘Light in the Head’; a light of consciousness that gets switched on within the head that illuminates your life. It is almost a kind of x-ray vision where you “see deeply into” your own inner life, gaining what we call ‘deep introspection’. You also see into the world around you, cutting through the illusions, chaos and dense thought forms that normally befog us as you come to see the fundamental truths about what is really going on.


The third eye is almost two chakras operating as a unit. The upper third eye is the higher mind, the eye of vision, energy perspective and introspective mentioned above. The lower third eye is the mind as we normally know it. An important aspect of our work this module will be mastering the lower mind by using the higher mind. In the East they say the mind makes a great servant but a poor master. You come to clearly distinguish between your higher consciousness and your normal mind. This higher consciousness helps you step out from the mind, and watch, guide, control and use it in service for your higher intentions. You step out from many destructive patterns of thinking – negativity, illogical thinking, positionality, scattered thought, and many more, and develop what we call a positive, open and disciplined mind - you can see possibilities, you develop the “I can” attitude, and you can use the mind effectively to reach your goals. 

Start Date :30-May-2018
End Date :03-Jun-2018
Country :Germany
Price :


Should have completed Level II Third Eye Module

Event Time : 9 am to 5 pm
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