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The Third Eye - Level II

The Third Eye - Level II

Mastering the Mind - Inner Vision

We live in a prison of beliefs about ourselves and life, programs and illusions which keep us bound to the negative aspects of the mind; fears, judgments, comparisons, small-mindedness, confusion, dreams, etc. This module on the 6th chakra is about expanding the mind to become a vehicle for the wisdom of the soul. We focus on accessing the higher intelligence that is inate to us, and listening to the intuition. We help to develop 'bigger picture' thinking, a positive yet realistic way of seeing, and using the mind as a servant of the soul. In this module we work with sub-personalities - the many 'voices' that are continual speaking inside, learning to become the conductor of this orchestra instead of the victim of it's cacaphony.

Though our mind is a poor master it makes an excellent servant. As a master, it speaks from fears, judgements, rigid beliefs, comparisons, self- criticism and shame. As your servant, its gives space for you to access inner wisdom, courage, intelligence and intuition, and is a wonderful tool for clarity and discrimination.
Our goals: 
* Contact to the Higher Mind
* Develop the Watcher
* Mental clarity to cut through the fog of mental noise
* Opening the Intuition
* Become the conductor of the orchestra of sub-personalities
Methods taught: 
* Chakra balancing
* Energetic Dialogue
* Energy perception skills
* Conscious building of thought forms
Some of the issues we address: 
* Mental confusion
* Negative thinking
* Limiting thought patterns
* Judgement and criticism
* Comparison

Start Date :30-May-2018
End Date :03-Jun-2018
Country :Germany
Price :


No Prerequisites

Event Time : 9 am to 5 pm
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