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The Solar Plexus - Level II

The Solar Plexus - Level II

Power, Self-worth & Self-Confidence

Power. If we don't have it we want it. If we have it, we may not handle it so well. And woven through it all are the continual undercurrents of insecurity and shame, victim and aggression.

This is one of the dominant themes for humanity today. Look at our politics, corporate shenanigans, and even the dynamics between men and women, parent and child. There is a continual dance of ego and power dynamics. Look at the amount of energy and money that goes into presenting the right 'face' to the world. Vast industries - fashion, celebrity, plastic surgery and a 1001 other ways we continually need to pump the leaky tire of our own self worth and the facade we present to others.
The opening of the 3rd chakra leads to a mature sense of self in which we have a presence, dignity and strength. There unfolds a sense of authenticity in which you discover the freedom and joy of knowing and expressing who you are without the need for outside validation. You hold a new sense of power and responsibility in your life and become more potent, dynamic and direct.

Start Date :03-Oct-2018
End Date :07-Oct-2018
Country :Germany
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No Prerequisites

Event Time : 9 am to 5 pm
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