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The Heart Chakra - Basic Program (Level II)

The Heart Chakra - Basic Program (Level II)

Discover your 7 Dimensions of Love

The Magic of Love, Intimacy and Healing  - The Heart Chakra


In all spiritual traditions the heart is seen as a central point for spiritual awakening and a fulfilled life. But oh, what a complex area our hearts are. Who has not experienced the pain of a broken heart or become tangled in the labyrinth of relating? Our heart contains such joy and pain, such utter simplicity and immense complexity.


Kabir Jaffe and Ritama Davidson create an atmosphere of love, compassion and safety so that the deeper qualities of your heart can gently surface: empathy, vulnerability, receptivity, intimacy, generosity, higher values and the awareness of our interconnectedness.


We look at the hearts connection to the other chakras and how this creates seven levels of love, ranging from the primitive force of instinctual passion to exalted states of meeting soul to soul. We come to understand the needs of our heart and how to care for love. We help heal and unburden our hearts from past pain, sadness and patterns of relating that limit us.


We will focus upon self-love - putting aside self-criticism and opening our hearts to learn to love ourselves and to listen to the wisdom of our heart. It also involves awakening the ‘fire of the heart’ - our deep passion and longings. We heal old wounds like betrayal, loss and loneliness and find healthy forms of relating.  Explore the energy of love and discover the seven dimensions of love! 


Issues: Fear of intimacy; Losing oneself through love; Wounds; Grief & Sadness

Discover: Mature love & Intimacy; Openness; Compassion; Interconnectedness

Reduced early registration fees with Frankfurter Ring available!

Start Date :08-Feb-2017
End Date :12-Feb-2017
Country :Germany
Price :


No Prerequisites. Reduced early registration fees available with Frankfurter Ring.

Event Time : First day: 3-8pm, day 2-5: from 9 am to 7 pm 7 pm
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