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Certification for 'MASTER your ENERGY' (online)

Certification for 'MASTER your ENERGY' (online)

This is a certification course for all participants of our live workshop "Your ENERGY in ACTION!" or of online course "Master your ENERGY - Master your LIFE!".

Don't miss the opportunity to talk in person and live with Margaretha Bessel, Director of the Energy Balancing Institute, about the learning content and apply it to your own personal situation. You will get personal feedback, additional handouts, homework assignment and you will exchange with fellow students in the forum. The meetings can also be reworked with the audio recordings of the meetings.

By completing this certification course (and handing in your homework) you will receive an EBI-certification for "Master your Energy - Master your Life!" We will meet via the free software Zoom, time and date of the meetings will be determined with the participants (usually Wednesdays).

Do I need a certification?
You can  join the EBI-workshops without any certification, whether live with one of our certified EBI trainers or via the new online course choosing your own pace of learning. The online-course is full of instructional and exercise videos, PowerPoint slides, footage and hands-on exercises.

But if you want to deepen your Energy Balancing skills and enter EBI Level 3, Energy Balancing for Others (EBO), then the 5 certification meetings with EBI director  Margaretha Bessel are the first step. If you are interested please send an email to margaretha@energybalancing.de for more information.

Start Date :01-Aug-2018
End Date :31-Aug-2018
Country :Germany
Price :

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites
Event Time : 19:00- 20:30
Language :
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