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The Base Chakra - Basic Program (Level II)

The Base Chakra - Basic Program (Level II)

Ride the Tiger - Courage, Aliveness and Abundance

The Base Chakra

“Two souls alas! are dwelling in my chest”, as Goethe writes. We are two beings: a radiant source of light and pure consciousness – and an animal being, driven by instincts, which cares nothing for love or compassion, let alone soul energies. And both forces are in a continual wrestling match.


In this workshop with Kabir Jaffe and Ritama Davidson we explore Evolutionary Psychology and the vast forces of Instinctual Nature in us. When this powerful energy center opens it gives us a solidity and grounding which forms the foundation for the opening for the higher doors of consciousness.  It’s like the beat of a deep base drum providing the rhythm upon which the melody of our life is built.


Imagine your life filled with vitality and strength. You are grounded, present and you can manifest your deepest dreams into physical reality, creating abundance in your life. Free from fear you have a trust that gives you new freedom, security, confidence and enjoyment of life.


Additional Material:

  • Aliveness of the body
  • Touch
  • Making friends with the body
  • The defense system
  • The reptile brain
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • The cycle of life and death


Issues: Fear Worry Anxiety; Control; Blocked Aliveness; Ungroundedness

Discover: Vitality & Aliveness; Courage; Groundedness & Manifestation; Being ‘in your energy’ 

The methods: Energy- and Bodywork, Meditation and Energy Balancing, Energy Diagnostics, Roleplay, Lecture & Dialogue.


Upcoming Module (Basic Program): The Belly Chakra

Master the Roller Coaster of Your Feelings - Healing your Past  - Joy and Emotional Health

Read more in Ritama and Kabir's Pre-Module-Letter English

Lies mehr über das kommende Basis-Chakra-Modul in Ritama und Kabirs Pre-Module-Letter German.

Start Date :27-Oct-2017
End Date :31-Oct-2017
Country :Germany
Price :


No Prerequisites. Frankfurter Ring offers reduced seminar fee for early registration!

Event Time : 9 am to 7 pm
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