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What is inner work?

What is inner work? 

inner work is the process of deliberately changing yourself to become the person you know you can be.

About this approach
There are many approaches to inner work. This energy-based approach has 9 areas of emphasis:

1. Self Exploration Know yourself - psychological, energetic, spiritual
2. Stretching Taking risks, challenging yourself, trying new things, experimenting
3. Dealing with one''s past Exploring things in your past that have shaped you
4. Healing and clearing Emotional and energetic release work to clear unresolved issues
5. Mental restructuring Expanding our minds; developing new ways of thinking
6. Spiritual awakening Awakening to the soul and higher consciousness
7. Energy Perceiving and using energy
8. Conscious relationship New ways of community and relating that deepen intimacy and relationship
9. Meditation A primary tool for inner development



Do I need inner work?

No. and Yes!
If your life is working and you’re happy, stay away from it. For many people inner work will disturb you more in the beginning than it will give you. This is because it will reveal to you a host of tensions, disturbances, insecurities and issues that you were previously unawares of. And once revealed, it’s not easy to cover them up again.

Everyone needs it because we can all be more. There is so much inside of us that wants to unfold. Each of us carries so much - love, intelligence, creativity and a great deal more. Each of our soul’s has a song to sing, a contribution to make. And as you realize this, you also realize that for much of our life we’re limping, not dancing. There are so many things inside of us that are holding us back - fears, insecurities, blocked energies, wounds, limiting beliefs, etc. If we are to fully open our wings as a human being we need to clean up all this.
What is it like to do inner work?

Inner work is tough. That’s why we call it inner work, not inner play (though it has a lot of playful moments. And for many of us that’s the biggest work of all - learning to play and let go!). Inner work will challenge you to look at yourself in new ways, to take risks, to step out of your comfort zone, to communicate, to open, to jump in ways that aren’t always comfortable.

But that’s the joy. You are risking, your energy is moving, you’re stimulated, living intensely, on the edge. Something amazing starts to happen. You feel more dynamic and alive, honest, real and authentic. You start to touch your heart, your strength, your vulnerability. You start to see with incredible new eyes and an entire new panorama opens before you.

For those of us involved in inner work there’s nothing more exciting and rewarding. To become fully one self is the most satisfying and worthwhile thing we can ever do. And to open up and participate in life with such totality. Wow!


Feeling Stuck

Wrestling with it




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