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“The root of all problems in the world today is the thinking and feeling that motivates our actions.
The fundamental solution lies in maturing our consciousness.”



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The Group Leaders Training 2019/20




When two or more of us come together a group is formed and energetic dynamics of relating come into play. The Group Leader Training (GLT) is an exploration of working with others from an Energetic Perspective. It is for teachers, group leaders, managers or anyone else who is in a leadership role or would like to lead groups.


Relating is an exchange of energy between different energy centers within each person. According to the state and nature of the chakras involved, so will be the quality and type of interaction that occurs. It is the underlying energetic nature of each human being that really determines what happens in relating, not what the conscious intention may be. It is when we can open the energy centers (chakras) and bring them into conscious use that fully enriching relating can occur. This type of relating is the basis for competent teaching and leadership.


The GLT will focus upon the Energetic Dynamics of relating. Through understanding the nature of relating and your own relating dynamics you will step into entirely new ways of working with people that will be more joyful and effective. You will learn to step out with your energy. You will learn to lead by drawing out that which is most natural to the people you are working with. You will learn to teach by courageously being an example of what you are teaching - truth, authenticity, vulnerability and love. Central to the GLT will be discovering your natural way of presenting yourself and helping you “come out” with who you are. This training will include clearing inhibiting patterns such as shame, fear of expression, shyness, unconscious power patterns, etc. which hold you back.


Personal development themes include:


  • Communication skills and styles
  • Voice and energy projection
  • Confidence in public presentation
  • Leadership
  • Clearing of issues which affect group leading: self worth, shyness, fear, loss of self, power, expression
  • Personal development of the qualities of integrity, spontaneity, openness, directness, strength
  • Holding group energy


Group leading and teaching skills include:


  • Group energies
  • Group dynamics
  • Inspiring others
  • Energetic dimension of groups
  • Types of groups
  • The stages of group development
  • Group structures - types, place, purpose
  • Projections and the group leader
  • Structuring your programs
  • Creating your own group
  • Teaching and leading


Who the GLT is for:


  • Anyone who wants to learn to lead groups
  • People in leadership positions – managers, teachers, politicians, business owners and others who want to:
  • Expand their existing capacities
  • Learn to more effectively create an environment which draws the best out of people
  • Create a productive and rewarding atmosphere in your work
  • Build team spirit
  • Professional group leaders who would like to learn the energetic dimension of leadership
  • People who want to "come out" and be more comfortable in groups


See logistics page for early registration discount and for payment options.



Segment 1:   29. June - 6. July 2019  Tuscany, Italy
Segment 2:  12. - 19. Oct 2019 Tuscany, Italy
Segment 3:   20. June – 27. June 2020 Tuscany, Italy


In addition to the workshop segments, there will be 8 on-line group meetings, one per month - Dates to be scheduled with the group. Themes to include:


Training to lead on-line groups
Personal support includes questions and feedback
Specific leadership skill training
Group leading practice sessions

Workshops begins first day at 10.00 a.m. Arrival at least the day before.
Workshops end last day at 7.00 p.m.

This is a closed group. Commitment is for all three segments. Space is limited.


Cost: 5.950€

Super Early Registration: Book until 9 March 2018 € 5.200
           € 1.000 deposit non-refundable
Early Registration: Book until 8 June 2018  € 5.450
           € 1.000 deposit non-refundable


Payment Schedule:

Segment 1:  € 3.500 (€ 2.750 with super early registration)
                      € 3.500 (€ 3.000 with early registration)
                      due two weeks before training
Segment 2:  € 1.450 due two weeks before training
Segment 3:  € 1.000 due two weeks before training



For further information please contact Mischa under


Download the GLT Flyer here:


No Prerequisites

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