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The Science of Human Potential

The Meeting of Energy, Psychology and Spirituality

“The root of all problems in the world today is the thinking and feeling that motivates our actions.
The fundamental solution lies in maturing our consciousness.”



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The Path and the Work

The Path and the Work

The Path is the ‘bigger picture’ understanding that wraps the work. This understanding is the foundation upon which the work is based, and it is of great value to be remembered always, for it is the backdrop understanding in which the particular step you are living now is occurring. Regardless of which immediate step you are taking, the Inner Eye needs to be lifted again and again to this bigger picture to give that step context, meaning and direction.

What is the Path?
The Path is the journey of Becoming. It is the immense evolutionary process of your Soul unfolding Divinity. You have been on the Path long before you were born in this life and you will be on it long after you have departed. The Path spans countless lives and dimensions, stretching from the very Beginnings until the very End.

Unconscious Evolution
Though we have been on this great evolutionary journey from the Beginning it has been an unconscious process. The present moment led to the next moment, one desire to another, in our drive to survive and satisfy our longings and needs. Though we have grown incredibly through this, yet it has been a haphazard process, focused mostly upon and driven by survival and need gratification.

Going on the Path - Conscious Evolution
There comes a moment when the soul recognizes itself as a growing entity. You see the bigger evolutionary picture that is the foundation of the cosmos itself. You recognize the seed that you are and the flowering towards which you are becoming. You realize that you can accelerate your growth exponentially by deliberately choosing to mature yourself. At this moment you make a choice to grow. You enter the next step of the journey - Conscious Evolution. This is called ‘going on the Path’, the conscious effort to grow yourself and become more as a Being.

Becoming More
The life of a person who has gone on the Path is now focused on growth. To become more in all areas of your life becomes center point. That more is constantly changing and at any given moment has a particular focus. Perhaps it is to become more loving or more dynamic, clearer in your mind or more expanded in your spirit. But the main thing is that the call of a richer, fuller more mature You is the driving current through all the many events in your life.

It's not just about me. It's about we
As you walk the Path you realize that you are not alone. We are all on the Path together. As one rises we all rise, and as one lags we all lag. It is as if we are tied together with invisible strings through which we affect each other. To walk the Path is to see yourself as the Whole. Then your effort becomes to join more fully in the life of the Whole and to contribute to its well being. Then it's not just about me. It's about We.

Walking the Path
To grow consciously is not only an attitude – it is set of tools and understandings that are constantly applied. The center-most of all of these is learning to learn. As a growing being you are learning about yourself and life, about who you are and how you work, about other people, about the world around, and about the greater universe. To know how to learn, and to ‘learn well’ is the greatest of boons, for then every moment becomes a growth opportunity that is well lived and brings you the greatest of benefits.

Inner Work
The other most central understanding on the Path is the art of transformation. Where a caterpillar has one moment where it becomes a butterfly, you are continually in the process of transforming, of Becoming. Inner Work is the deliberate process of personal transformation. You are unfolding new aspects of being and transforming one state into another. It is an ongoing, never ending process that you come to acutely understand and intensely participate in.

The Goal
The Goal of the Path is to become all that you can be, a Mature Human Being. Though this can and should be expressed on the outer as a life of abundance and manifestation, it is ultimately about the inner - to discover the Essence of Life, to know God, to live the immense love and consciousness and energy that is your nature. And as you become THIS, you also see the goal of the larger whole - the Earth taking a Next Evolutionary Step, the emergence of a new Kingdom on Earth, the function of humanity as an ‘organ’ within the Earth’s consciousness as the Earth takes a Planetary Initiation via the Human Kingdom.

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