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The Science of Human Potential

The Meeting of Energy, Psychology and Spirituality

“The root of all problems in the world today is the thinking and feeling that motivates our actions.
The fundamental solution lies in maturing our consciousness.”



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A new way of living

A New Way of Living
I often try and define ‘what is Essence Training’. Not an easy task to do. One way I see it is that it is an understanding that leads to another way of living. In meditation this morning these thoughts were strong.
This work is an entrance to a new way of Living. It has three components that I call a Growth-Base, Full-Spectrum-Based and Energy-Based way of living.
A Growth-Based way of living sees the Earth as the Earth School and the Universe as the Learning Universe and approaches every moment, every experience, as an opportunity for learning, for the unfoldment of capacities of Being.
An Energy-Based way of living sees everything as energy and uses energy consciously, every moment, for growth and learning.
A Full Spectrum-Based way of living sees a human being in our entirety - from body to soul to spirit, from emotions to mind, from instincts to the divine, and encompasses and embraces all of these parts as essential parts of who we are. It recognizes that each part has its particular needs to be taken care of, and that each part brings its unique contribution to who we are. All need to be lived and integrated.
When you combine these three together you get something new, a new understanding, a new way of living and incredible new opportunities.

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