The New Consciousness

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The Science of Human Potential

The Meeting of Energy, Psychology and Spirituality

“The root of all problems in the world today is the thinking and feeling that motivates our actions.
The fundamental solution lies in maturing our consciousness.”



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The Energetic Structure of Homo Spiritualis

Homo Spiritualis is a next step in their psychological, energetic and spiritual structure. There are five key shifts here. The energy has shifted from the lower triad of the first three chakras to the heart, taking Man for the first time from animal man to Human Man, from instincts to love and a sense of belonging to something greater. This is reflected in the great spirit of philanthropic, altruistic and goodwill that is becoming daily more prevalent.

The lower third eye, the center of intelligence, is rapidly opening, and for the first time Man’s logic is beginning to function, clear from emotional distortion from the lower centers. This is resulting in the rapid rise of scientific thought.

His upper third eye is opening as well. The capacities for introspection, energy awareness, and a ‘turning the eye upwards’ towards the higher centers makes this new Man polarized in his higher consciousness. This is reflected in the emergence of psychology, in the great number of people actively involved in coming to know them selves, and in the emergence of a broad range of energy-based methodologies for healing and growth.

His crown chakra is now being powerfully vitalized and Man now has access to the wisdom of his Soul and to the collective wisdom that has been so painstakingly gathered down the Ages. Go to any large bookstore and look in the section of psychology, spirituality and philosophy and you will see the great outpouring of collective wisdom.

And lastly, the bridge between the crown and the soul is now in place and Man is soul conscious, spiritual awake to the wider reality of the multidimensional spiritual universe that we live in. We see this in the tremendous interest in meditation, the soul, the believe in life after death, reincarnation and other arts designed to make contact with another dimension of being.

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