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The Science of Human Potential

The Meeting of Energy, Psychology and Spirituality

“The root of all problems in the world today is the thinking and feeling that motivates our actions.
The fundamental solution lies in maturing our consciousness.”


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Christina Hoffmann

Christina Hoffmann

Christina Hoffmann is a highly qualified Energy Coach  and  Mentor for deep personal change.

Financially, she was successful in Big Companies but – to be honest –  unhappy and not herself. Her own crisis led to huge turnaround in her Life.

"Discovering who I really am, I went through major challenges. This led  to  the developping of PowerCoaching-Material from my own deep inner experience."

Christina  guides  through Deep Transformation if you  are in change and want to discover more. Coaching for Self Coaching.

One-to-one-Sessions and group Coaching

Core topics

  • Success inside out
  • Manage your Life Challenges with ease
  • Transformation by Reprogramming your Mind Sets
  • Guide for Self-Coaching and continuous personal change
  • Let go of Core Issues which hinder your success
  • Building Power for Difficult Situations
  • Energy Work for Business and Private Challenges
  • Energy Balancing and Tapping for Freedom

Background and Education:
Website: www.energy-in-business.com

Business Education
Business Process Management for Large Companies, IT/Software Trainer, Diploma Business Management, and Computer Sciences (Gerhard-Mercator University, Germany), Electrical Engineer.

Energy Work and Consciousness Development

  • Certified Trainer „Your Energy in Action“ – Energy Balancing
  • Certified National Trainer der JCI Junior Chamber International (Mitglieded der Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland )
  • Dale Carnegie Training
  • Certified EFT-Trainer and Coach (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Email: coaching@energy-in-business.com

+49 6257 96 96 95

Country: Germany
Languages Spoken: English, German
Services Offered:

Manage Life Challenges
Business Coaching
Power through Energy Balancing
"Fearless Tapping" for Emotional Freedom (EFT)
Anti-Stress Tapping

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