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The Science of Human Potential

The Meeting of Energy, Psychology and Spirituality

“The root of all problems in the world today is the thinking and feeling that motivates our actions.
The fundamental solution lies in maturing our consciousness.”


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Andreas Horn

Andreas Horn

Andreas is a passionate seminar leader, coach, and Essence Training Apprentice Teacher as well as certified Energy Balancing Trainer. 


He was born and raised in Mainz, Germany, and has worked for many years as biological-technical assistant, also in the medical faculty at Mainz university.


In coaching sessions, Andreas’ particular qualities are his very calm presence, his deep compassion as well as his spot-on intuition - thus he can lead to the core of things easily. His feedback opens up new perspectives, and helps blockages and issues to move and resolve quickly. 


In his workshops and meditations, Andreas offers a space of trust and full acceptance that enables deep processes to unfold and tangible growth to happen. 


Andreas lives in Leipzig and is dad to a 25 year old daughter. In his free time, he loves to jog, cycle or hike in nature - or take care of his garden. 


Regularly, Andreas offers online meditations as well as workshops on Energy Balancing and Essence Training, mainly in the Rhein-Main area in Germany. 

(Language: German) 


Email: Energy-Balancing@gmx.de

0176 30409610

Country: Germany
Languages Spoken:
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