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Kabir’s Blog - About this blog

Every day I write. My writing starts in the morning with meditation. There, like sparkles in the night sky, come insights. I then spend the next hours ‘bringing through’ what appeared in meditation as a momentary flash of lighting. Often, nay, pretty much always, I feel like I am trying to stuff a cat in a box. The ideas are simply too big for the small words I am trying to put them into. And no matter how much I trim and polish the cat fights and claws its way out of the box to leave me knowing that I have only at best partially expressed the understandings that my heart and spirit rejoice with.

Most of my writings end up enlightening the innards of my computer. So I felt that even though they don’t meet the rigorous standard of expression that I would like a ‘finished piece’ to be, its better to share them in their raw state rather than wait until I am satisfied.

This blog contains an ongoing ‘stream of consciousness’ of ideas as they come to me. I never know what meditation will bring. I am constantly surprised at the unexpected that comes from an intelligence that is far beyond my waking mind that I contact in these quiet moments in the morning.

Each of these insights has brought me much value. I hope they will bring value to you too.

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The goal of the work is to become a mature human being and exemplify this through a life well lived.

It is to be in accord with your highest nature, filled with meaning, purpose and contribution as you make the world a better place. You exemplify this through fulfilling...

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A New Way of Living
I often try and define ‘what is Essence Training’. Not an easy task to do. One way I see it is that it is an understanding that leads to another way of living. In meditation this morning these thoughts were strong.

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Know yourself

Be yourself

Mature yourself

Live your purpose

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The five big questions

Who am I?
How do I work?
Who am I becoming?
How do I get there?
What should I be doing with my life?

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